Mid-Life Crisis  

Welcome to the History Page.

September 1996 Keith moved back to Yorkshire after completing his missionary work in Somerset ( preaching the Yorkshire way !!!). One night in the local pub he bumped into Stuart Bell ( the drummer from their band “NERVE” who disbanded in 1976). Conversation got round to music and they decided to put a band together for a Xmas Eve gig in the pub. Keith went searching for Graham “ Willie” Wilkes ( lead guitar, flute, harmonica, Alto Sax) and Paul Rhodes ( bass guitar) and within a week had all of the original band members keen to do the one off gig. They had not seen each other for 20 years but soon remembered most of the songs from that era. Keith’s brother Robert joined the band on Keyboards and Vocals. Rehearsals started at The Darby & Joan Club in Gawthorpe and Mid-Life Crisis was born. The gig was a great success and so they decided to do one more, then another, and another etc - they had caught the bug and could not stop. Paul was also playing Keyboard in another band called Air Attack and soon found he was over-committed. Paul left the band and was replaced by one of Keith’s old school pals, Graham ( Guitarist and vocalist with three piece band “Men Performing Badly”). Graham bought a bass guitar, taught himself to play it, and added some lead vocals and harmonies to Robert and Keith’s contributions. After a couple of years, Stuart got fed up of playing every weekend as it interfered with his drinking (he recently also retired from work so that he could devote more time to this hobby!!). The band approached Chris Johnson ( known as The Wakefield Drummer) - he plays in just about every band around ( clever sod!!). Whilst only a young one, he soon mastered the 60’s and 70’s numbers that formed the bulk of the set. Chris hates “Arms of Mary” but reluctantly performs it when asked. “Willie” then left the band ( too many gigs) and was replaced by Neil Rylett on lead guitar. Neil was more a “classical and country” man and added a new dimension to the band. Robert started his own personal, real life, mid-life crisis and moved to sunny Majorca to entertain the tourists. His vocals were missed but Keith and Graham soldiered on sharing the lead vocals. Alan Sleight was then added to the line up as a second lead guitarist. Alan and Chris also play together in an originals band called “Rise” ( go see them if you get the chance) so was known to the band. Alan plays lead guitar and some wonderful slide guitar. Neil then left the band and has formed a new band with Robert who is back from Majorca. They play locally and are known as “Watershed” – a good band. So here we are with the current four piece line up ready to play for any-one willing to listen.